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EPISODE 1: NASA Astronaut Zena Cardman

We're kickstarting the first ever episode of SpaceViews with guest Zena Cardman! She is part of NASA Astronaut Group 22, "The Turtles", their most recently selected class. Before she arrived at Johnson Space Center to start maybe the best job on the planet, she was a microbiologist studying different kinds of subsurface environments all across the world.

I'm super excited to speak with Zena, especially since I've been keeping up with this class ever since NASA opened up applications in December 2015, and also due to the fact that she's one of the few scientists that is a part of the class! I'm hoping that you all can tune into this episode and learn more about Zena's dynamic life (and also watch me become excessively excited).

Episode 1 will be livestreamed onto my Twitter account on August 23rd, 2020 from 7-7:30 PM CST. If you can't make it, no worries! The recording will be made available down below for anyone that couldn't make it to the livestream.

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