- The University of Chicago              Chicago, IL

  • Bachelor of Science in Geophysical Sciences, Bachelor of Arts in Astronomy and Astrophysics

  • Expected, June 2022

  • Honors Included: Odyssey Scholar (2018), UChicago MRSEC STEM Research Exploration Fellow (2019)

professional experience

- NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Year-Round Intern, Pasadena, CA, June 2020 present

  • ​Ecosystem Spaceborne Thermal Radiometer Experiment on Space Station (ECOSTRESS) Mission Science Support Intern

  • Analyzing climate disasters through use of ECOSTRESS data

  • Developing an algorithm that helps with an accurate prediction of droughts

- Department of Geophysical Sciences at UChicago, Research Assistant, Chicago, IL, April 2020 – present

  • Glaciology Research Assistant for the MacAyeal Lab.

  • Analyzing a temperature-depth ice profile in the George VI ice shelf in Antarctica.

- UChicago Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics, Research Assistant, Chicago, IL, January 2019 – present

  • Astrophysics Research Assistant for the Vieregg Lab.

  • Built and coded in Python a plane tracker in Python for the BEACON experiment which aims to detect high energy particles. The code takes in aircraft information, sorts the data, and plots the data.

  • Aiming to correlate plane data with the BEACON data in order to find potential plane events and predict upcoming ones.

  • Analyzing balloon data for the ARA project in Antarctica.

- Mars Academy USA, Analog Astronaut, Remote Mission Support Team, Los Angeles, CA, September 2019 – December 2019

  • Completed scientific projects and collaborated with crewmates during MAU Crew 1127, a simulated 4-day Mars analog mission in an isolated confined environment (ICE).

  • Supported the MAU Nepal mission by acting as part of the RMST with other scientists during assigned hours of the day.

- Princeton Satellite Systems, Spacecraft Engineering Intern, Plainsboro, NJ, June 2019 – August 2019

  • Small company working with the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory working on the Direct Fusion Drive, a rocket engine that utilizes nuclear fusion propulsion developed by PSS.

  • Updated and wrote Python code that calculates the magnetic field and plots the field lines of the engine

  • Simulated a CubeSat mission using the PSS Spacecraft Control Toolbox.

- MIT Online Science, Technology, and Engineering Community (MOSTEC), Student, Cambridge, MA, June 2017 – January 2018

  • Astrophysics: Completed projects using the tool DS9 to analyze various astronomical objects. Created a slideshow on gravitational waves.

  • Science Writing: Learned about science communication, wrote an article on advanced rocket propulsion, specifically nuclear propulsion and their power/possibilities.

- Pioneer Academic Research Program, Student Researcher, Tampa, FL, June 2017 – September 2017

  • Collaborated with Professor Eric Myers and completed an astrophysics paper focusing on gravitational waves.

  • Investigated the LVT151012 event that had a low confidence rate and worked on reproducing a spectrogram of the chirp based on the findings of another paper.

leadership & activity experience

- The Triple Helix Inc., Science in Society Review Writer, December 2019 – present

  • Writing a 1500 word article for the Spring issue of the SISR publication, which explores the implications of the social, physical, and natural sciences on modern society.

  • Developing an article on the history of NASA’s funding, focusing specifically on the history of the spacesuit.

- Students for the Exploration and Development of Space USA (SEDS USA), Director of Operations, November 2019 – present 

  • Manages the operations staff of SEDS-USA, including but not limited to the Webmaster, Social Media Coordinator, Alumni Coordinator, Chapter Grants & Scholarships Manager, etc.

  • Acts as a point of contact between the operations staff and the Executive Director

- Students for the Exploration and Development of Space at UChicago (SEDS UChicago), Chapter Founder, President, November 2018 – present 

  • Founded the SEDS-UChicago chapter whose purpose is to empower young people to participate and make an impact in space exploration through outreach and engineering projects

  • Led a project on High Altitude Balloons, arranged an astronaut speaking event, working with other student organizations such as the Engineering Society to start more technical projects

relevant coursework

  • Coding: CMSC 15100: Introduction to Computer Science

  • Physics:  PHYS 13100: Mechanics, PHYS 13200: Electricity and Magnetism, PHYS 13300: Waves, Optics, & Heat, PHYS 22100: Mathematical Methods in Physics, PHYS 15400: Modern Physics

  • Geophysics: GEOS 13300: The Atmosphere, GEOS 22060: What Makes a Planet Habitable?, GEOS 23205: Introduction to Glaciology, BIOS 20198: Biodiversity

  • Astrophysics: ASTR 13300: Introduction to Astrophysics, ASTR 21200: Observational Astrophysics

- NASA JPL Solar System Ambassadors Program, Ambassador, December 2018 – present 

  • I communicate to the general public about NASA’s upcoming missions. Ambassadors become an extended part of each mission’s team and an important interface between the NASA community and the populace at large.

publications & presentations

  • J. Morancy, et. al., “A Review of Climate Events as seen by ECOSTRESS” American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting (2020)

  • S. Wissel, et. al., “Prospects for High-Elevation Radio Detection of >100 PeV Tau Neutrinos” JCAP11(2020)065


  • Coding: Python, MATLAB, LaTeX

  • CAD: Solidworks, Autodesk

  • Microsoft Office Specialist: Word, Powerpoint, Excel

  • Remote Sensing: QGIS