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Hello! My name is Joalda Morancy (they/them/theirs), and I am currently an Aerospace Systems Engineer at Blue Origin. I recently graduated with my degree in Astrophysics from the University of Chicago.

I am heavily interested in planetary science and human spaceflight engineering. I'm interested in investigating and understanding how our cosmic neighborhood was created, and researching more about the processes that exist on the celestial objects within it. Along with that, I'm passionate about learning how to build structures in space and on other celestial bodies that can support human life! It's my dream one day to build a space habitat that actual people will live in so they can survive the harsh environment of outer space and other planets.

Even though I have always loved science as a young kid, space is something I became interested in when I was 15, a sophomore in high school. It was this simple video of astronaut Chris Hadfield making a sandwich in space that kickstarted everything, and I have been hooked ever since. I'm hoping that one day, my life can lead to me exploring new worlds and new environments, hopefully even walking on another planet in the near future.

I love doing science communication to the general public, and especially younger kids. As someone who is Black, queer, and a first-generation, low-income (FGLI) student, I feel a need to inspire kids and teens who come from similar backgrounds to want to do STEM, specifically space science, and at the same time believe in themselves to do it.

about me

The space industry has been traditionally homogenous when it comes to the people that make it up, though that is slowly changing. I think it will take real effort to continue that progress, and I hope to be a part of it.

Along with improving my scicomm skills, I'm doing my best to make it in the writing world! I want to compile all different sorts of science fiction short stories and novels and I hope to show my own unique perspective of space exploration through it. You can check out some of my writing on the "thoughts" tab if you're interested in seeing what I have so far!

Currently, I am trying my best to finish up college and get experience, and then hopefully going on to getting established in the fields of planetary science and human spaceflight!

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